Together Alone

A game about cooperation; a story of rekindling lost love.

They have a long and sordid history together, but do they have a future? In Together Alone, you control two characters with unique abilities to solve a varied array of puzzles.

After a car crash, squabbling exes Ben and Isabelle find themselves somewhere between life and death. They are greeted by a deceased friend: Ben’s old dog Marley. His mission is to make make the two of them see sense and settle their differences. Not an easy task at the best of times, and having a sinister cloud creature chasing you certainly doesn’t help…

Play Together Alone now! Or, if you’re stuck, get a hint.

Awards and praise for the old version (see below)

  • “This diversity on gameplay not only keeps it fresh and fun, it makes the narrative truly interesting and enjoyable.”
  • “But despite possible improvements in the details ‘Together Alone’ is already, unpolished as it is, a piece of jewelry.”
  • Double Ellipsis: “This narrative puzzle game […] is unique, artistic, engaging and thoughtful.”
  • 2nd prize in the peer-voted Ludum Dare #22 Jam
  • Notable mention in the Pokki HTML5 Game Developer Contest


  • Story mode with 75 challenging tile-breaking puzzles
  • Never get stuck: solve puzzles with 1, 2 or 3 stars, use unlimited undo, get hints, or just skip puzzles.
  • Cooperation is key; use each character’s unique abilities
  • Different tile variations to keep things interesting
  • Fight a formidable foe by placing and triggering light bombs
  • Unlock 20 bonus puzzles that put a different spin on things
  • Create your own or play others’ creations with the included puzzle editor!

Old version: Together Alone Alpha

The first version of Together Alone, which won 2nd prize in the Ludum Dare Jam: Play it or ask a hint.