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Demo Overkill!

Written by jan. Posted in Development


Curious how The Drone Shield, our new shmup, is coming along? Hankering for a dose of overkill? Good news, our new demo has quite a few improvements:

  • New weapons: missiles and lasers!
  • Weapons upgrades. Go from a puny “pew pew” to a ridiculous screen full of bullets!
  • Enemy classes that move and shoot differently!
  • Bullets are color-coded so you can tell enemy bullets from player bullets. Enemies are color-coded so you know to get out of the way when you see a red Bomber! :-)

Want to give it a try?

  • For the smoothest experience, download the Windows installer.
  • For a quick look, play the Flash version.
    NOTE: This will slow down with lots of bullets, enemies and explosions on screen.

We’d love to hear what you think! Still brimming with ideas on where to go next by the way, but it will take time until it really starts to shine, especially because normal life keeps getting in the way. Stay tuned though! :-)