Together Alone - Love in Limbo

Stormy Easter weekend!

Written by jan. Posted in Development

Dark clouds are gathering around our heroes… Look ominous, doesn’t it? We’re putting the Easter weekend to good use, trying to make as much progress as possible.

The levels are nearing completion (expect 60+ in the final version), and the dialogue is about halfway done. Major tasks include getting the new way of storytelling in (superimposed on the level, with several different characters portraits to express different emotions), adding lots of graphical polish, and overhauling the main menu and level select GUI.

One thing we’re still pondering is how to publish the final product. In addition to putting it in web-based stores like Pokki and Chrome Web Store, we’d like to wrap it up as a standalone game, either by wrapping it with a browser library like Awesomium or by porting it to Unity. If you can recommend either or know of another option, let us know!

So, while there’s still a lot of work to be done, we’re very happy with the way things are progressing! Happy Easter and stay tuned!


Written by gijs. Posted in Artwork

Jan hinted at it already, we’re introducing a new character. I haven’t got the animation done yet, but at least here is artwork for the title screen.

In other news, we are working hard on getting the game done of course. This week we  made a (more or less) final list of stuff we need to get done to finish the game, including time needed to finish each task. Getting close now!

And finally, the look and feel of this website is killing me! But that is also going to change. Hopefully soon.

Another Twist!

Written by jan. Posted in Development

I was never really happy with Alice’s special ability (she “zaps” two tiles adjacent to her). It didn’t really seem to create many interesting new possibilities, which is what a good game element should do. Here’s a look at what we’re experimenting with now. Getting the board to rotate correctly was actually quite fiddly, but it works well now.

I keep saying “Alice” by the way, but we’re considering changing the character’s names. Peter and Alice were (fairly obvious) references to Peter Pan and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a reference to finding yourself in a strange world where different rules apply. The strange world is still there, but the story has become a little more involved and will now deal with redemption and reconciliation. There will also be two new characters, a “guide” type character (that will be playable) and an enemy.