Together Alone - Love in Limbo


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Nope, not finished yet. But it’s totally close! I’ve finished the last images. Alternative animations for the characters. I’m sure small stuff will still come up, but the bulk is done. Jan is totally cracking down on those nasty bugs. The big important list is almost empty.

What’s left: some sounds to add, (code) polishing and music. The tempo has not always been very high the last months, but we have kept going and it pays off! The end is in sight. Halleluja!

Measuring Fun

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Dropoff rates are fairly stable until about 3/4 through the demo.

Dropoff rates are fairly stable until about 3/4 through the demo.


When you make a game, you want people to enjoy it. But how do you know if they do? Most of your friends will tell you it’s great, even if they got stuck on level 2 and decided to go do something more fun, like cleaning the oven.

Another problem is that of numbers. If you don’t have hundreds of friends, and the ones you do have are busy sanitizing their kitchen appliances, you’re not going to get enough data to base decisions on. In other words, you need a lot of people who are actually playing your game, and some way of figuring out what parts they’re enjoying, and what parts they’d rather do without.

So, where are we at?

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sokobelleI think it’s about time for an update on our progress. Things are going very well actually, we’re really on the home stretch with the game now. Here’s just a few things we’ve been doing lately:

  • Added an unlockable new outfit for the main characters
  • Implemented the shocking conclusion to our epic story, with extra-dramatic visual effects :-)
  • Added bonus levels, where the rules of the game are just a little different
  • Many, many bugfixes and little improvements

No new beta version yet, but you can still try the old beta!