Together Alone - Love in Limbo


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Epic smooch
Alrighty. we are busy with our pokki entry obviously and it’s gonna be nice! We’ve added quite some polish and of course new and improved features. One of my things was to get the ending image updated. Which I just finished. Not the whole picture obviously. You’ve got to finish that game to see that!


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Together Alone is now available on Pokki, a new app platform for Windows (Mac support is coming soon).

We ported the game to Pokki for two reasons: so more people get to play it, and to enter it in Pokki 1UP, a game development contest with impressive prizes!

So, in a few weeks, Together Alone will be judged by a jury of 4 game industry heavyweights, notably including Kim Swift, one of the original creators of the legendary Portal. We really hope it will do well. But even getting some good feedback would be awesome. And lots of new players of course!

Download Together Alone for Pokki


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Very hard at work at getting all the visuals updated. Of course we already got the new in game visuals in place, but every story card in between the levels will get its own specific image.

Below is a small snippet of what I’m working on.