Nuclear Shooter Jam

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Tomorrow is the start of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, and half the country seems to be in lockdown as a result of it. So much so in fact that Gijs decided against attempting to go to work, and proposed we hold ourselves a little game jam instead!

In the last few days, I’ve been experimenting with game engine HaxeFlixel and the included physics engine Nape, and I’ve built a nice little basis for our jam tomorrow. Check it out! It’s just a very basic old-school shoot-em-up right now (two-player coop supported though!), but we’ll try to make it a little more interesting tomorrow. If you want to follow along, check our Twitter and of course this space right here.

Instructions: Xbox 360 controllers recommended! Keyboard controls: arrows and space to shoot (player 1), WASD and Q or E to shoot (player 2).

Fish physics

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It’s been a while since our last post, but we’re still making games! We will be able to tell you something cool about Together Alone soon, but for now, we’re gearing up for a totally new, totally different game. We’re in the research phase, that crazy, fun time when anything goes and the kitchen sink is the limit.