Together Alone updated!

Written by jan. Posted in Development

Hey, just a little post to keep you in the loop. We’ve just updated the web version of Together Alone to the latest and greatest. Check it out!

Unfortunately, we were not among the winners in the Pokki contest. We don’t know who did win, that will be revealed at GDC on the 6th.

So, what are we up to at the moment? Gijs is busy creating new artwork and I’m trying out new gameplay stuff. Several new ideas have already come and gone; only the best will stay in.

To give you an idea of this process, let’s look at one of the new elements that didn’t make the cut. I thought a “timer tile” might be interesting. This would be a tile with a little clock on it that would disappear after, say, 10 moves. It would mean that you would have to “rush” towards this tile if you needed to step on it to solve the puzzle. Seemed interesting, but when I actually tested it out, it didn’t really work very well. It’s relatively complicated, the characters sometimes obscure the little clock, and it’s actually pretty obvious where you have to go if there’s a countdown going, so it doesn’t really create any new challenges.

We’ve also found a few elements that do seem to create interesting new situations, so no worries there! :-)


Written by jan. Posted in Development

Together Alone is now available on Pokki, a new app platform for Windows (Mac support is coming soon).

We ported the game to Pokki for two reasons: so more people get to play it, and to enter it in Pokki 1UP, a game development contest with impressive prizes!

So, in a few weeks, Together Alone will be judged by a jury of 4 game industry heavyweights, notably including Kim Swift, one of the original creators of the legendary Portal. We really hope it will do well. But even getting some good feedback would be awesome. And lots of new players of course!

Download Together Alone for Pokki

Update progress

Written by jan. Posted in Development

Good progress on the Together Alone update over the weekend. Spiffy new graphics were added, levels were tweaked, and interesting ideas for the future discussed. A few specifics:

  • The game is now widescreen and looks great up to 1280×800 resolution (but scales gracefully to smaller formats).
  • Helpful tooltips in the first few levels explain stuff a little better.
  • High-res character graphics for the title screen and story cards.
  • The game is a little friendlier to those with older browsers or stricter storage settings. Before, it was really rather rude. :-)
  • Quite a few little bugs were squashed.