Going Native

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ben_isabelle_surprisedWhen you’ve been working on something for as long as we have been working on Together Alone, there’s always the danger of going native. You become so engrossed in this one project that you forget about the world outside of it. The project becomes your world and you its god and creator. Before you know it, you’ve set yourself up to be worshipped by the very images and classes you’ve created. It happens more often than you realise, and it’s not pretty.

Fortunately, that’s not happening to us. What is happening is that the game is feature-complete and all that remains to be done is some final technical and sales-related stuff. One of those technical bits was building native versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Now, up until this point, the game has been Flash. Normally speaking, porting the game from Flash to native code would not be a minor technical detail but a major undertaking. In this case however, we picked the right toolset and it really came through for us. We use Haxe+NME because it’s both a joy to work with and because it allows us to target pretty much every platform we’d like. The fact that I got the Windows build running pretty much perfectly in just two days proves that that’s not an empty promise.

I’m fiddling with a Linux build as well, and while I don’t have a Mac to play with at home, that’s hopefully not far off either. If we can complete the holy platform trinity, more players will be able to enjoy our hard work, and infinite geek cred will befall us! And if one of those cross-platform game bundles expresses interest, well, that’s extra icing on the cake.

“What about iOS? What about Android?” I hear you think. (That’s right, I can hear your future thoughts as I’m writing this.) If there’s enough interest in the game, we will definitely consider mobile versions, but it’s too early to say right now. But it’s good to know that, if we do want to try our hand at it, it won’t involve a gargantuan porting effort.

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