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We both have a pretty clear area of expertise: Jan is the programming/writer genius and I pretend to be an art guru. And in the middle we meet with ideas on features, usabillity and playabillity. However, we lack any serious knowledge when it comes to sound and music. well, I do love music and listen to a lot of music (right now Wish you were here by Vandenplas), but I have no clue how to create music or sounds for that matter.

Luckily for us there is a ton of open source music and sounds to be found online on sites like Unfortuately for us with sounds is almost never exactly what you are looking for. So last week I’ve sort of added the sound design of our game to my list of to do things. Actually quite fun to work on and the first attempts have at least resulted in improved sounds.

With that said, in this this project the sound is sort of an after thought in the whole process. Something we want to improve with a new game. The positive thing is that it means we are definitely in the final stretch of finishing Together Alone! Stay tuned for more information!

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