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Casual Connect & Going Dutch

Written by jan. Posted in Development

In case you missed it (we posted it on Twitter and Facebook, but not yet here): Together Alone was one of ten games shown in the Innovation Showcase at the Casual Connect Asia conference in Singapore. Check out the photos and see if you can spot the attendees playing our game!

Also, check out the picture on the right! No, it’s not just the same title screen you know and love, it’s actually the first test for a fancy thing called I18N (or “internationalisation” in full). That (mostly) means translating the game to additional languages besides English. And since we’re Dutch, that’s the language we’re testing with.

When will the translated version be available in the wild, I hear you ask. Well, that depends. A couple of sites have expressed interest in translating the game into their own language. We love that idea and are working with them to make that happen. We don’t have anything to announce just yet on that front, but be sure to check back. Oh, and if you want to help out with a translation into your own language, let us know! It’s not that much text to translate, and we’ll put you in the credits, of course!