Achieving & Unlocking

Written by jan on. Posted in Development

Working on our version of ‘achievements’ for Together Alone. In addition to that, we have relaxed the requirements for completing a level, so you can now score one, two or three stars. You will collect these stars to unlock the next chapter and some other goodies. On the one hand this will make the game more inclusive (you won’t get stuck on a level so easily anymore), on the other hand, it gives it a bit more replay value.

Other stuff in the pipe is a new level select screen and between-chapter animations. But we’re getting pretty close to feature-completeness. After that, we will probably try porting the game to Haxe/NME to be able to serve more different platforms. Then some additional graphical polish and it should be ready for release. We’ll probably fit in a beta testing phase somewhere, so if you’re interested in helping out on that front, let us know!

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