Peter the Tiny

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Whoa, what’s this mysterious new screenshot? Is that a tiny version of Peter? Is he battling it out with his regular-sized self? Will the winner decide the fate of the universe? And what are those misty-cloudy type things? What’s going on here?

Progress, that’s what. We’re starting to settle on an expanded collection of game elements and we’re fleshing out the new level set.

I think it’s especially important how each element is introduced. I think you should take the time to train the player in each element’s use. Of course, you don’t want to go too slow, or you’ll annoy the veteran puzzle gamers. It’s a balancing act. In addition to that, we’re also trying to finalize the story. A bit tricky as the levels and the story tend to influence each other. It’s kind of like rubbing your belly while tapping your head, except I can actually do that without going crazy.

Oh, and Tiny Peter is just a placeholder. Sorry to disappoint. But if you really love the little guy, we’ll consider keeping him in…

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