Another Twist!

Written by jan on. Posted in Development

I was never really happy with Alice’s special ability (she “zaps” two tiles adjacent to her). It didn’t really seem to create many interesting new possibilities, which is what a good game element should do. Here’s a look at what we’re experimenting with now. Getting the board to rotate correctly was actually quite fiddly, but it works well now.

I keep saying “Alice” by the way, but we’re considering changing the character’s names. Peter and Alice were (fairly obvious) references to Peter Pan and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a reference to finding yourself in a strange world where different rules apply. The strange world is still there, but the story has become a little more involved and will now deal with redemption and reconciliation. There will also be two new characters, a “guide” type character (that will be playable) and an enemy.

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