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Written by gijs. Posted in Artwork

Very hard at work at getting all the visuals updated. Of course we already got the new in game visuals in place, but every story card in between the levels will get its own specific image.

Below is a small snippet of what I’m working on.

Update progress

Written by jan. Posted in Development

Good progress on the Together Alone update over the weekend. Spiffy new graphics were added, levels were tweaked, and interesting ideas for the future discussed. A few specifics:

  • The game is now widescreen and looks great up to 1280×800 resolution (but scales gracefully to smaller formats).
  • Helpful tooltips in the first few levels explain stuff a little better.
  • High-res character graphics for the title screen and story cards.
  • The game is a little friendlier to those with older browsers or stricter storage settings. Before, it was really rather rude. :-)
  • Quite a few little bugs were squashed.